YouTube Upload Tool

Our YouTube Upload Tool consists of two Python scripts that automate the process of authenticating with the YouTube API and uploading videos. These scripts were developed to simplify our workflow and help us present our products efficiently on YouTube.

Using this tool implies that you accept our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Authentication Script (Token Script)

This script uses OAuth 2.0 to establish a secure connection to the YouTube API. It reads the API keys from a local file, updates them if necessary, and checks whether the access token has expired. If the token is about to expire or has expired, the script automatically renews it. If the update process fails, the script sends an error email.

Upload Script

Once the authentication is completed, this script carries out the upload process. It reads the required data such as product information, keywords, descriptions, and the video path from various files, then creates a request to the YouTube API to upload the video. Once the video is uploaded, the script updates the video information and adds it to specific playlists. Finally, the script uploads a thumbnail for the video and updates a local file with the video URL and ID.


To use these scripts, you first need to set up the required files and directories as indicated in the script code. You also need your own YouTube API keys stored in the appropriate files. Make sure you have correctly configured the paths in the scripts to refer to your local files and directories.

Please note that this tool was specifically developed for our own workflows and may require adjustments to be used in other contexts. You are welcome to adapt the code for your own purposes, but we do not offer support or guarantees for the use of this tool.

Our application respects the limited usage terms of Google and uses your data solely to enhance the functionality of our app. We do not share this data with third parties.

Please note that by using this tool, we act in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy and strictly treat your data according to these guidelines.